Frequently Asked Questions


1. How will I receive my toy codes? uses an automated system to fulfill all virtual item code orders. This means that you will receive your codes by email immediately after your purchase!

2. How long will it take for my toy codes to arrive?
Our automated system typically fulfills all orders within seconds of your order being completed, which means you will be able to immediately enjoy your items.

3. Where can I find my toy codes?
All virtual code orders are sent directly to your email after purchase. If you haven't received your code(s) within an hour of your purchase, please contact using the support form, which can be accessed here. If you are using a Gmail email address, please check the promotions and spam folders in your inbox before contacting us!

4. I've been charged, but I didn't receive an order number or a code.
More than likely, these are preauthorization charges to your bank that have not actually went through. Any missing funds will become available again in your account within a few hours, and you can try placing your order again. If you're still missing funds after 2-3 days, feel free to contact using the support form, which can be accessed here.

5. My code isn't working! How can I get help?
Still having issues after double checking that you've entered your code properly? No need to worry, has a support form here that you can use to get help! Please make sure to include your order number, email address, and any codes that you're having trouble with.

General Questions

1. Can add a specific toy code to the shop?
If you'd like to see a toy code added to our shop that we don't already have, reach out to us on one of our social accounts! We'd love to help you find the toy codes that you want.

2. Does do giveaways?
Yes we do! Follow one of our official social accounts (currently only @rbxtoysshop on Twitter) to participate in official giveaways and to stay up to date on everything happening on!